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Hotel Massage London - Spicy Hotel










Immodestly flirty and starkly self-assured, a striking slant of the sophistication of Hotel Massage, this intricately imagined and rampantly realised creation can only mean mischief. Insidiously subverting pure sensory indulgence with a thrilling shudder of manipulation to amplify an almost unendurable tension of stinging pleasure and delectable agony, the Spicy Hotel is your unforgettable taste of the other side of indulgence.


Exerting irresistible authority to liberate and pamper every flagrant caprice in supreme abandon, unleashing the vivid power of equivocal control in her compulsively assertive allure, the gorgeous Masseuse will order your keen compliance… and your ultimate surrender.


(*) The Enhanced Leisure Massage – ELM


Designed to eradicate all signs of tension and stress, the ELM is guaranteed to open your senses to the ultimate Hotel Massage. It has acquired some rather earnest fans among our habitual Clients, who regard it as the necessary condition of their Hotel Massage Experience.



(n/a with 60min)


Offered only to existing Clients enjoying a perfect hygiene and behaviour record, as well as the experience of at least one Hotel Massage in the last three months.






Hotel Massage London use a unique unscented, hypoallergenic, stain-free massage oil formula, along with smokeless incense and candles.


Please take a moment to consult Hotel Terms, Hotel Client Policy and FAQ sections for your perfect experience.





Prices exclude transport; Central London bookings may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of Hotel Massage London business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Hotel Massage London reserve the right at all times to change any indicated price without prior notice.




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