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Hotel Massage London - Hotel for Ladies










A Private Retreat to Serenity


A precious occasion of harmonious, intimately relaxing indulgence, this subtle offering exquisitely accommodates our distinctive principles of indulgence to the demands of sensual women.


A pampering profusion of caressing sensations of Kashmiri inspiration, the Hotel For Ladies is the complete realisation of the naturist personal massage experience in a luxurious ambience of exotic ritual, with exquisite sounds and scents to intensify the miraculously nurturing full-body communion with the radiant Masseuse. A matchlessly nuanced intimate massage experience, dedicated to your deepest relaxation and all-round gratification.


The Hotel for Ladies experience assumes careful and considerate attention. Please express your particular requests, preferences or concerns as and when you wish.


Hotel Massage recommend: a warm shower before the massage, and a comfortable, quiet, slightly darkened room. Your Hotel Masseuse will complete the idyllic setting.






Hotel Massage London use a unique unscented, hypoallergenic, stain-free massage oil formula, along with smokeless incense and candles.


Please take a moment to consult Hotel Terms, Hotel Client Policy and FAQ sections for your perfect experience.





Prices exclude transport; Central London bookings may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of Hotel Massage London business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Hotel Massage London reserve the right at all times to change any indicated price without prior notice.




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